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IACTED 2024 Legislative Priorities

IACTED supports all public, private, and homeschool students across the state of Indiana in their quest to pursue their chosen professions in accordance with their unique goals and abilities. CTE programs currently include multiple work based learning opportunities to connect with industry professionals which can lead to better job prospects and higher earnings. Additionally, programs often embed dual credits and Indiana promoted industry-recognized credentials. 

Curriculum Materials Clarification

  • IACTED seeks clarification on charging students for supplies and materials required to participate in CTE programs. Schools across the state have interpreted the definition of IC 10-18-2-2.7 differently. These varying interpretations have led to a wide range of invoicing of member schools and students in CTE districts. 

Credential Funding 

  • IACTED appreciates the $2 million identified for certification and credential funding in the state budget. This funding goes to the school corporations and not necessarily to the career center that is providing the certification testing.  Thus, these funds most often are not actually reducing the cost of testing. IACTED would like to review the language for future budget years that would allow this funding to flow directly to the career center or school that pays for the testing. 

CSA Clarification

  • IACTED seeks clarification on how CSA funding will be transferred to career centers and schools who provide the educational component of a CSA if the CSA provider is unwilling to pay for this piece of the program. CTE Directors have become the reporting entity for the CSA students, yet sometimes they have no knowledge of said student enrolled in a CSA or of the CSA provider. This reporting becomes a part of the CTE district’s state and federal data. How will CSA’s information be reported and what ROI data will be shared with the public? Will this data be published on the GPS site like the CTE WBL data? The timeline for students enrolling in a CSA can be an issue with count day and late enrollees.  

Work Based Learning

  • As the state moves toward work based learning being an integral part of Indiana students’ high school careers, IACTED is seeking assistance from legislators in securing high quality work based learning opportunities for our students. CTE Directors and Work Based Learning Coordinators in rural areas can provide very limited WBL opportunities for their students while more metropolitan areas still struggle getting some employers to accept students into their workplace.  

Flexible Diploma

  • IACTED seeks more information on the future of the flexible diploma and its impact on CTE in the state of Indiana.  


The landscape of Career and Technical Education has changed in recent years.  More and more students are realizing that there are many satisfying, high-wage careers that don’t necessarily require a 4-year college degree–or getting dirty!  

We help students to realize that a great career is at their fingertips by giving them real-world work based learning experiences.

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About Us

IACTED is dedicated to improving Indiana’s economy by offering students the opportunity and experience to train and learn the skills necessary to be successful in the workplace.  In doing so, we help to provide a competitive, well-trained workforce for Indiana’s future.

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Meeting with Rep. Behning and Dr. Ernest
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Past President's Award

Past President's Award

Mark Hobbs, recipient of the Past President’s Award, and Byron Ernst, recipient of the Meredith Thompson State Wide Service to CTE.
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