Preparing today's youth for a wide range of high-wage, high-skill, in-demand careers.


The landscape of Career and Technical Education has changed in recent years.  More and more students are realizing that there are many satisfying, high-wage careers that don’t necessarily require a 4-year college degree–or getting dirty!  

We help students to realize that a great career is at their fingertips by giving them real-world work based learning experiences.

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IACTED is dedicated to improving Indiana’s economy by offering students the opportunity and experience to train and learn the skills necessary to be successful in the workplace.  In doing so, we help to provide a competitive, well-trained workforce for Indiana’s future.

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Here's what's happening in Indiana CTE Programs!

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25 %
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67 %
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NEWS Articles

SCC HOSA success

SCC HOSA success

For the second year in a row, our state HOSA competition had to be in a virtual format but SCC was able to rise to the challenge!   19 students competed with the following results.…
SICTC: Applied Knowledge is Best!

SICTC: Applied Knowledge is Best!

SICTC believes that applied knowledge is best! While all of our programs offer internships, we would like to wish these Health Science Education students the best as they start their clinical rotations today.
More people with bachelor’s degrees go back to school to learn skilled trades

More people with bachelor’s degrees go back to school to learn skilled trades

Trend highlights how some students who get four-year educations don’t use them SCARBOROUGH, Maine — Putting on hazmat gear for the first time turns out to be a long-drawn-out process, so the trainees who are…
Alternatives to a 4-Year College: What to Know

Alternatives to a 4-Year College: What to Know

Worthwhile alternatives to a bachelor’s degree include associate degrees, certificates and apprenticeships.   AS THE CORONAVIRUS pandemic rages, battering an already weakened economy, an anomaly in higher education is playing out: Enrollment is down despite soaring…
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