CTE is STEM Education

While this year may not look like a typical year, our instructors and programs are still actively participating in STEM lessons and activities. STEM encompasses four academic disciplines; science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Our teachers apply all of these disciplines to challenge student’s creative and critical thinking skills.

Depending on which program, this strategy looks immensely different. In Criminal Justice, students take measurements and use a variety of devices and chemicals to secure and collect evidence from a ‘crime’ scene. In Cosmetology, students learn about the physical and chemical properties of products and their effects when applied to the skin or hair. HVAC students spend time learning about concepts found in electrical engineering before scaling dimensions and cutting appropriately sized sheet metal to be used as cover plates for various pieces of equipment. Our goal is to have students learn how to thrive in their content areas so that they are better prepared for the constantly evolving STEM-related fields.

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