IACTED Summer Conference Awards Luncheon

It is a perfect summer day at the Abe Martin Lodge. The temperature is a comfortable 75 degrees, the sun is beaming through the windows and the crowd is anxious for the festivities to begin.  CTE directors and guests from across the state are gathered together to honor their fellow comrades who have shown perseverance and dedication to students in an extraordinary capacity.  The outgoing president of IACTED saunters to the front of the room and takes command of the floor.  “Hey!!” “You folks in the back of the room got your food last so just keep eating, but we’re done up here so we’re going to get started.”  The crowd is mesmerized by Rusty’s presence and quickly quiets down so the ceremony can begin.  This is a well-oiled machine; the speeches are well practiced and the orations deeply resonant without a hint of a southern accent.


Click HERE to see photos from the IACTED Summer Conference Awards Luncheon.

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