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IUPUI BOSS Camp Inspires Entrepreneurial High School Students

IPS students had the opportunity over the summer to learn what its like to be their own boss!  Check out the highlights of BOSS Camp by clicking HERE.

A Different Vision

Tunnel Vision Tunnel vision is sometimes defined as “single-minded concentration on one objective.” And when it comes to a team of high school designers who have been working on their Exhibit Columbus project for about a year, that definition is extremely applicable. C4 Architecture and Construction Instructor Darin Johnson said that work on the team’s installation, entitled “Tunnel Vision,” began in August of 2020, though the “physical build” didn’t begin until this past spring. About 95% of the project is done. The hope is for Force Construction to move the installation this coming week. Design team leader and Columbus East graduate Chase Jones said that the installation will be placed at Central Middle School, on Fifth Street near CSA Lincoln. While the team’s focus and diligence in bringing their design to life could be called tunnel vision in the sense of being focused, the word’s other definition — “extreme narrowness of viewpoint” — is pretty inaccurate. Instead, the high school team’s project is designed to encourage viewers to broaden their horizons by exploring the past, present and future of local architecture. The year’s theme for Exhibit Columbus is “New Middles: From Main Street to Megalopolis, What is the Future of...

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